From the President...

Dear HBS Alumni and Affiliates:

We've just completed our third year of success - exciting events, high quality networking, thought provoking content, and marquee sponsors!

HBS Tech launched in 2004 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit alumni association chartered from Harvard Business School, dedicated to broadly serving the needs of HBS alumni interested in technology and innovation.

Our mission is to provide a local and global collaborative networking channel for people of like-minded thinking around technology and innovation. The intersection of technology and business is the focus for our content, discussion and networking.  Furthermore, HBS Tech embraces the association with other leading alumni, believing this is essential to fulfilling the mission.

Why Participate?
As business and technology continue to meld, technology will persist as a more prominent driver of business success and competitive advantage. Consequently, the establishment of this international alumni association will facilitate communication and information sharing to foster HBS’ continued business leadership around the world. The members of this organization will ensure discussions and topics are real-time and of a critical business nature:

  • The opportunity to network with a like-minded community — locally and globally — in person and through the web.
  • Event content and discussions that focuses on technology and innovation, as it effects the commercialization of technology.
  • A business perspective on technology, providing thoughtful insight for innovation and change in the business-technology landscape. 
  • Interesting and knowledgeable speakers – embracing constructive conflict.

We look forward to having you join us for an event - as a guest, or member.

If you're interested in "producing" an event, please email me directly at my HBS email address

Best Regards,

Karae M. Lisle
President, HBSTech