Our Mission...

HBSTech's mission is to provide a regional and global collaborative networking channel for people of like-minded thinking around technology and innovation. Furthermore, HBSTech embraces association with other leading alumni organizations, believing this is essential to fulfilling the mission.

With the understanding that focusing on technology as a business driver is becoming more critical given the pace of innovation and the role of technology in every aspect of business. HBS Tech focuses on creating value for alumni through networking opportunities, events, and community with the underlying premise that successful business professionals find it essential to collaborate with their colleagues.

HBSTech Officiers and BOD believe that continued business growth will greatly be driven by innovation. The three primary drivers of innovation are technology, markets, and policy. With their increasing interplay, it is becoming important to have a forum dedicated to understanding these relationships in an extensive manner.

As business and technology continue to meld, technology will persist as a more prominent driver of business success and competitive advantage. Consequently, the establishment of this alumni association facilitates communication and information sharing to foster HBS’ continued business leadership around the world.

Business leadership will mean thoughtfully gaining insight into the:

• Increasingly ubiquitous nature of innovation and technology.

• Accelerated nature of technical innovation (i.e., next 10 years = last 100).

• Integration of evermore complex technologies with businesses.

• Convergence of technologies (i.e., from consumer to business to consumer).

• Rapid globalization of the world economies.